ESG Seminar - Perception versus reality in the oil & gas sector

The Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals have had a major impact on investor approach to ESG risks in the oil and gas sector.


The public debate often focuses on the exclusion of oil and gas companies, rather than how the companies in the sector actually try to work with ESG risks.

This debate was the focal point of the last Sparinvest investor seminar. Therefore, the ethical screening and rating agencies, ISS-Ethix and Sustainalytics were invited to provide insights into how they view and quantify ESG risks in this particular sector. Furthermore, they provided insights into some of the challenges they have identified in the Russian oil and gas company Rosneft OAO, which is one of largest oil and gas companies in the world.

In this connection, Rosneft OAO also participated at the seminar. Rosneft OAO provided insights into how they work with ESG risks, and commented on the specific challenges that ISS-Ethix and Sustainalytics had identified.

The event was well attended and the purpose of creating greater transparency and understanding of ESG risks within the oil and gas sector was fulfilled.